Welcome to the playground…

Safe, clean, fun for children, and relaxing for parents!

What Our Playground Offers

  • A large playground structure with climbing areas and slide
  • Toddler area designed for ages up to 3 years old
  • Scooter and Cars area
  • Life Sized Play House
  • Magnet Table
  • Duplo Legos Table
  • Dinosaur Table
  • Magnetic Mazes Table

Age Limit

Jabbers does not have an age limit. However, we do have some general guidelines.

Babies & Toddlers (up to 3 years old)

Babies & Toddlers LOVE Jabbers! We have a specific and separate area for babies and toddlers called the “Toddler Yard” with toys just for the little kiddos. However, typically walkers and crawlers can get around the entire play center and play with a majority of our toys.

Older Kiddos (4 & Older)

Jabbers is PERFECT for elementary age children. We have found that (after 9 or 10 years old) it will depend on your individual child whether Jabbers is their speed. We do have plenty of older children that enjoy Jabbers!